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Dr. I. Dinakar

Dr. I. Dinakar

Consultant Neurosurgeon
About Doctor

Dr. I. Dinakar NEURO SURGEON having 57 years of experience.

Available (9am to 10am)


Years Of Experience 57


MS, M.Ch (Nero Surgery)

Specialisation Areas

  • Thromboendarterectomy of carotid or vertebral circulation
Special Interest and Expertise
  • Thromboendarterectomy of carotid or vertebral circulation
  • Rigid spinal endoscopic surgery ( Cervical Thoracic)
  • Rigid Spinal endoscopic surgery (Lumbar)
  • Percutaneous Verteral Kyphoplasty
  • Craniotomy, cervical laminectomy, thoracic laminectomy, lumbar laminectomy, thoracolumbar sympathectomy, peripheral nerve exploration repair or transposition, scalenotomy and brachial plexus exploration, skull fractions, simple and depressed and management of closed head injured patient, carotid endarterectomy, cerebrovascular shunting procedures,stereotactic operative procedures, anterior cervical fusion, spinal cord injuries
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