For most of the women, the pain (whatever the auspicious reasons) of child birth is the most acute paid they have ever experienced or will ever experience. One of the most popular and safe-pain relief option is the Epidural injection.
1. What is an EPIDURAL?
• An Epidural is an injection is given in to the lower back. The feeling of pain is carried to the brain via nerves in the spinal cord. An Epidural Injection obstructs this message of pain and you go through a painless labour.

2. Will an Epidural Injection hurt?
• The area where epidural injection is to be inserted will be numbed prior to the procedure, so you will not feel any pain.

3. Is it safe to take Epidural?
• Epidurals have an excellent worldwide safety record, as with any procedure, however some patients may experience some minor side effects like shivering, headache, mild itching. Please discuss with our Anaesthesiologist, if more information is required.

4. Does Epidural cause back ache?
• NO. Minor back problems are common during pregnancy and labour with or without Epidural.

5. Does Epidural result in Caesarean Sections ?
• NO. There is sufficient data to prove that an Epidural will not lead to an increased rate of C- section.

6. Will the Epidural harm my baby ?
• NO, not at all. A properly administered Epidural improves blood supply to your baby and is especially helpful to mothers who have small babies or those with preterm labour.

7. Is an Epidural safe for mothers with hypertension / heart or lung diseases / gestational diabetes ?
• Epidural is the technique of choice and is highly recommended for mothers with this problems.